Explainer series

My explain-in-a-minute series answers some of our most random questions about well-known companies.

My holistic approach to creating high quality, authentic videos could grow any brand's social media following.

Check out my videos below, starting with the newest first!

Picking a topic

My videos revolve around quirky stories about companies aimed at young people with a slight interest in business.

I hunt online for potential topics. If I can't help but research a topic further, that's a great sign. I also look for the following clues


Every good story has:

- change
- anticipation
- uncertainty

Under the Hood

I thumbnail out a project at a very fast pace. It's how I conquer the dreaded blank page.
When I'm building the animatic, I "map" the video out to ensure successive shots are varied.
With each iterative episode of my series I can repurpose old shots in the name of efficiency.
Sometimes it's just a camera zoom, but it saves a lot of time.


I upload to Youtube Shorts, Instagram and Tiktok.

The intro on the left got 300 views on Tiktok. The intro on the right is a tweaked version that got 300K views on Instagram.
Videos are not found via search, it's all in the feed. So the first frame of a video needs to be be great.

Below are some "first frames". The Disney video immediately creates an information gap and anticipation.


I feel strongly that owning the whole video production process, beyond just design and animation produces the best end results.

Since 2010 I've made hundreds of Youtube videos, and learned a lot about storytelling, strategy and the importance of a unique identity.

I know that I could grow a brand's social media following with good quality, authentic videos.