CNN - Chance Encounters

My role was design and animation, alongside two others. We also had an art director, two video producers and a writer. Creds at the end!

Stories of real couples that met by chance in the 80s

One couple met on a Greyhound bus, another on a Pan Am flight

Nostalgia and puppy love

Those themes helped us to narrow down on the scrapbook, doodle visuals.

Peep the vid:

Initial designs

I like to make early designs on a big artboard so I don't focus on details, can iterate quickly, and see a birds eye view of the entire video.

Every shot was designed with storytelling in mind

Colour and handwriting differentiate between the couples


Designer/animators: Patrick Gallagher, Emma Beinish, Agne Jurkenaite
Art director: Elisa Solinas
Video producers: Max Burnell, Angelica Pursley
Writer: Francesca Street